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Movement Inspiration 8/12/14 Night Swimming
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Movement Inspiration 8/12/14 Night Swimming

Last night I lay on my back treading water in the middle of Greenlake. The sky above me formed an eye: a few fluffy clouds in the middle as the pupil, surrounded by an iris the blue of deepest twilight with two stars shining through, and the sclera of the eye was thunder clouds wrapping the lake, lit up by strikes of lightening such as I have not seen in ten years.

When the water grew too cold I swam out and dripping wet, barefoot, in my underwear climbed a tree, then nestled in its branches I watched until I was dry and warm again. Then with the lightning slowly petering out, I went to practice flips of the dock.  One last strike came down as I back flipped of the diving board and just before I shot into the water.

The world offers us such beauty, but we miss it if we do not engage with it. We need to get out from behind our screens, from under our roofs, to move and engage in this world we are blessed with.

Seize your aliveness and engage with the world.

P.S.: Swimming or climbing trees are not the safest ideas in lightning storm.  Last night while the lightning was quite visible there was no thunder, indicating the lightning was over 30 miles away, and did not pose an immediate threat. I judged the risk worth the experience.

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