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Movement Inspiration 8/21/14 Dance with a Prop
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Movement Inspiration 8/21/14 Dance with a Prop

The only show we tune in to watch on broadcast television is So You Think You Can Dance, for a mover, the show is an amazing display of virtuosity and excellent intro to many forms of movement that are less visible on social then stuff like parkour. It is actually what convinced me to really start paying attention to dance. Last night one of the dances really struck me as showing exceptional flow and movement complexity while using a yoga ball. Bosu balls and yoga balls tend to bore me in their usual application but when people start to play with them some very cool complex movement can come out, I have seen really great jujitsu flow work with yoga balls, this is the first time I have seen partner dancing using it and the results were I think stunning. Enjoy and find some time to play with a movement or two on a ball the next time you see one if you have a partner all the better.

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