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Movement inspiration 8/8/14 Handbalancing
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Movement inspiration 8/8/14 Handbalancing

Handbalancing has unfortunately become the the fad of the day within the movement community, 90 percent of the videos coming out of the self identified movement community seem to be focused on ring work and hand balancing, those are both great tools but they are quite far from the most basic aspects of movement or the effective for opening up the capacity for play, adaptiveness and movement complexity.

Still handbalancing is beautiful art of movement and it is something almost everyone plays with if given a chance to develop normal play as a child, my 23 month old daughter is playing with downward dog and headstand postures right now.

A little bit of handbalancing practice is something every mover should explore, the lessons in maintaining a body line, opening up the shoulder and developing the support ability of the upper body are very developmental for movements from the vaults of parkour to almost all of gymnastics, to the stalls of b-boy and the of course a whole language of inverted movement in capoeira.

So today practice a bit of handbalancing if your a total novice focus on learning the head stand and frog stand, if your a bit more developed and have good shoulder mobility move to the wall handstand, if your strong in the wall handstand start playing with free standing handstands and if you can do all that, take some inspiration and play with something you see in this, my favorite handbalancing video I have seen in a quite some time.

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