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Movement Inspiration 9/16/14 Lift some heavy things
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Movement Inspiration 9/16/14 Lift some heavy things

I don’t tend to write much about lifting, for a three reasons, first there is tons of information out there on it already the amount of ink devoted to weightlifting is vastly outsized compared to its overall importance in a movement practice, second basic barbell strength work for the generalist mover should be relatively simple a great deal doesn’t need to be said about it, and finally I don’t find watching lifting videos very inspiring.

That doesn’t mean lifting is not a powerful means of developing athleticism which feeds into more interesting movement practices, it very much is. I do love the feel of lifting weights and had a great session yesterday.

I am not to going to share a lifting video there are tons of those out there for those who find watching that interesting instead I figured I would highlight someone who uses weight training very effectively to feed their primary movement practice of parkour and free running, Mich Todorovic is probably one of the most barbell strong parkour athletesI know of and he is also one of the best jumpers and sprinters in the parkour world.

Enjoy his video and take some time to build your maximal strength so you can progress towards developing similar power in your legs.

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