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EMP Podcast 77
Movement Inspiration 9/17/14 Pole climbing, pass throughs and acrobatics
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Movement Inspiration 9/17/14 Pole climbing, pass throughs and acrobatics

I saw this great video last night and found it both inspiring and interesting.

The movement quality is really amazing, Kai Hou’s power is extraordinary to watch as is the precision. The hoops and the chinese pole are less common sets of objects to see movement developed in relationship too at least that I have come across, but still its all related to our fundamental movement capacities as human beings.

I have found in my tree climbing recently, places for expression of movement patterns I see coming out of chinese pole and pole dancing, and I spend allot of time working on passing through tight spaces, which is something I find more often as an obstacle in natural terrain then in urban terrain.

While what Kai is doing in these videos is on the very high end of performance and the more esoteric end of movement function I can see its roots in our primate ancestry and solving the basic problems of arboreal movement.

My challenge for you today, climb a pole or straight slender tree trunk, explore different positions and transitions, connect that to passing through tight spaces and some acrobatics and you have a beautiful diverse movement training session.

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