Movement inspiration 9/22/14 Sandy sliding, flipping, and sundry

Last Friday I met up with my old training partner Dane, for a training session at a discovery park. We finished the day together on big sand slope, sliding down a seam in the sandwall, then doing wall flips, side flips and front flips into the soft sand. A nice soft sand slope provides a really wonderful environment to explore acrobatics, the float time and the softness of the landing make for an exhilarating experience, in addition, king of the hills sand races, and sliding movements are all great ways to enjoy a  good sandy area. Like swimming holes, rocky creek beds, and trees this one of the quintessential play environments. Its natures version of a foam pit, slip and slide, and wrestling mat.





My challenge to you then is to find some time for some play on a good sand slope.

For inspiration check out Shade’s POV sand flipping here

and Teg’s sand slope interactive/combative parkour

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