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Transform Yourself Through Movement, Not Exercise!
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Transform Yourself Through Movement, Not Exercise!

Choosing Movement Over Exercise.

Humans are wildly curious, passionate, and intelligent creatures.

The bodies we find ourselves in have been forged by millions of years of evolution to fit the demands of a rugged and complex natural environment and our brains crave these complexities; we’re programmed to operate in chaos, to find patterns and meaning and learn lessons on the fly.

We’ve been doing it for a long time and have become incredibly adept at constructing order within that chaos so that we may better thrive and survive. Unfortunately, we’ve gone so far as to almost completely eradicate chaos and disorder from our environment.

Look around you at all the flat surfaces, all the ways you can control your comfort, all the ways you can outsource tasks that were once vital to your ability to live. We’ve systematized things and made all sorts of rules and regulations to keep it all safe and running efficiently, yet we’ve lost something important along the way. We’ve lost an intrinsic connection to our world through creative and complex movement. By avoiding environments that equally nourish and challenge us, we adapt our bodies and minds to narrow and confined sets of problems and solutions.

We’ve lost the true meaning of movement and in it’s place we’ve adopted a penchant for sets and reps and long lists of exercises and various routines that must be performed X times per week, balanced with hours of running in place in front of television screens. I would suggest that everyone take a moment to reexamine their relationship to movement and the role it plays in life.

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Does your practice spark a sense of creativity and give you a means of self expression? Does it make you feel a deep and unquenchable passion for this life? Does it nourish you on every level and lead you towards a healthy and sustainable life connected to friends, family, self, community, and nature? If not, perhaps break away from the box you’ve confined your movement in, leave the gym and take up dance. Try a martial art like Jiu Jitsu or Capoeira. Learn to climb rocks and trees, or run barefoot along wooded trails.

These are the activities and the environments that your body has evolved to do over millions of years. Our hands can grasp and cling to an astounding variety of surfaces. Our shoulders have 360 degrees of motion so they can hang, brachiate, locomote, throw, and carry. Our spines can undulate and twist and take so many beautiful shapes and structures because we evolved from worms and fish and reptiles. Our hips and legs can balance across branches and leap across rivers. They can strike and sprint and take us to the tops of mountains.

Each of our parts can coordinate and dance in motion with one another like an orchestral composition, acting and reacting, learning lessons and refining skills. Our bodies carry us towards our goals while communicating our innermost thoughts, feelings and ideas to the world. So go out and find a method of practice that nurtures these qualities and empowers your existence.

You won’t be sorry that you did!

If you’d like to learn  the Evolve Move Play method first hand, hit the link at the top of the page to check out the local classes, seminars, and weekend experiences we have scheduled.

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Thanks, and happy moving.
-The EMP Team

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