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Check out all the ways you can move with us and level up your natural movement practice. Our safe and expert-created programs are designed to meet you where you are. To empower you to reach your goals across domains of self-development and growth: physical, mental, social, and beyond. What gives your practice a meaning that sustains it? We can help you see the paths. You get to choose your own adventure!

Our Online Natural Movement Courses

5-day Online Workshop

Movement is about more than just burning calories and getting exercise. 

It’s foundational to developing deep, meaningful connections to other people, to our environment, and especially to our own mind, body and character.

These connections are like deep roots that provide our lives with stability and nourishment so we can continuously learn and grow as human beings.

But how do we build a deliberate practice that allows those roots to grow themselves?

We built Return to Movement to help answer that question, and get people started on a life-long journey of self transformation through their physical practices. 

Your first 30 days of Natural movement

In our EMP Foundations online course, you’ll discover the fundamentals of what it takes to move with flow across your natural environment. What’s it entail? In part, it’s parkour—an environmental exploration practice—adapted into a holistic human movement framework. Reconnect with nature and learn how to use what nature provides in a sustainable movement practice. Discover skills centered on natural parkour along with other techniques and tools to help you gain confidence and strength in your movement. You’ll learn how to leverage your own bodyweight and discover a whole new method of strength training. And don’t worry. You can still get your cardio in big-time and say goodbye to gyms (maybe forever!). 

Bottom line? If you want to improve your agility and mobility, if you want to create a consistent movement practice, you can get started NOW safely! Wherever you are. Whoever you are. No matter your starting point or movement background.

Our Flagship Online Natural Movement Course

INP-1 is a six-week program that will take you on a deep dive into each of the core skill trees of Natural Parkour. 

  • Climbing: Clinging, hanging, traversing, tree climbing safety, branch mounts, etc…
  • Ground Flow: Soft Flow, Hard Flow, Conditioning, QM & Capoeira techniques
  • Vaulting: Parkour techniques for going over different obstacles
  • Jumping: The five jump types, precision landings, jumping applications, dynamic jumps
  • Falling/Rolling: minimize the chance of injury during a slip, trip or fall.
  • Flow & Route Building: string movements together into complex routes and implement the elements of flow into your practice
  • Location Scouting: guides to finding training locations near you

Along with this, you’ll get daily mindful movement practices to keep your body and brain feeling sharp and rejuvenated.

Each training session is laid out for you and comes with downloadable/printable session sheets so you can keep track of your session plan, even if you ditch your phone for the day.

Choose Your Own Adventure

At EMP, we believe that movement is a journey, not a destination. That’s why we’ve developed this series of online courses designed to help people of all levels improve the way they move, enhance their health, and connect more deeply with their mind, body, and nature.

Whether you’re just interested in learning the basics, or you’re driven and motivated to take your skills as far as possible, we’ve laid out a path to help you learn, grow, and realize your ambitions. 

FREE Natural Movement & Parkour Training Content

Games Guide

Level-up the fun with our FREE EMP Games Guide! We’ll walk you through 9 awesome games to make your natural movement and parkour training practice more alive and effective. Whether you are a beginner or have some of the movement fundamentals down, you’ll love these outdoor games that can be scaled along with your training progress. Let’s play!

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We support your fitness goals AND your need for meaningful connection to self, nature, and community. Our highest goal for you is the cultivation of a meaningful life with the help of natural movement training. That’s why we want you to get started with our daily practice to take your training and personal development to the next level. On us.

Our natural parkour daily practice guide

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