Natural Movement, Parkour and Crossfit with Kelly and Juliet Starret: EMP podcast episode 1

Our first ever podcast recorded back in 2015 with Kelly and Juliet Starret. The Starrets have been wonderful supporters of my work over the years, and this conversation was an amazing way to kick of the podcast. Kelly is of course world famous as the founder of Mobility WOD and author of the Supple leopard which has made some of the best mobility and recovery methods used by physical therapists available to athletes all over. Juliet is the quieter partner but has been an amazing leader behind the scenes with mobility WOD and managing Crossfit San Francisco.

This conversation is primarily focused on relationship between open task, organic movement practices like parkour, surfing, kayaking and  rock climbing and formal closed task systemized training protocols like crossfit and general strength and conditioning work.

The conversation expands from there into discussions of recovering health in our society in general, raising children, the philosophy behind movement practices and more.

If you love movement practice and want to get insight into how you can balance yours this is a fantastic place to start.

Watch it here

Or you can listen on itunes or soundcloud.

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