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EMP Podcast 46
The Transformative Power of Nature Connection with Kyle Koch: EMP Podcast 46
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The Transformative Power of Nature Connection with Kyle Koch: EMP Podcast 46


Episode Breakdown

As the days tick by, many of us are feeling the strain from the restrictions placed on what we are able to do, and who we are able to engage with. We are seeing that there’s a very real issue arising around how we maintain our mental and emotional health during times of quarantine.

Many people have reached out to us to say they love the work we do, but right now they just don’t have the ability to escape into the woods, or even go more than 200 meters from their home.

When we are stuck inside, it can be very difficult to feel any level of connection to the things that nourish us most, including our tribe, movement, and nature.

Since our work at Evolve Move Play revolves around establishing and strengthening these key connections in order to help people lead more meaningful and rewarding lives, we decided to bring on one of our team members, Kyle Koch, to talk a little bit about how powerful nature connection can be, and how you can practice it even if you’re locked down in the middle of a city.

As it turns out, even if we’re limited in our ability to move around and access rugged and wild places, we can still take time out of our day to check in with the nature that exists around us.

Believe it or not, cities are full of non-human life, and with a little effort, we can shift our awareness to notice the unfolding stories of the plants and animals that we had previously been blind to.

This speaks volumes about our levels of connectivity, not just to our own personal groups and communities, but to the entire ecosystem outside our regular bounds of awareness.

If there’s one thing that the coronavirus is making glaringly obvious it is that we are all connected. All of our actions and decisions are woven together into a tapestry that extends beyond each individual, and the more attention we pay to these connections, the more we begin to realize how much impact we make on the world and how much we belong.

You don’t have to climb to the tops of mountains, or sit under a waterfall to get in touch with these insights, you can start by simply staring out your window.

So take whatever opportunities you may have to establish those connections and nurture them into something meaningful. Listen to your curiosities, follow them to new discoveries and new insights, and develop the literacies that help you engage more deeply in the adventure that is your life.

We really hope you enjoy this episode and that it gives you some sense of comfort as well as a call to action to find creative solutions to maintain the practices that fulfill you during this pandemic. Don’t forget to like, share, subscribe, and leave us a message in the comments section. We want to hear stories about your profound experiences connecting to nature, as well as any insights you might have gained from your nature practices. 




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