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Overcoming Knee Pain in Natural Movement and Parkour
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Overcoming Knee Pain in Natural Movement and Parkour

Have you ever suffered chronic knee pain? This can be a crippling and confusing experience for an athlete. You might be told you have tendonitis, tendonosis, or patellofemoral pain syndrome.  All these are little more than the Dr telling what you already know. That is that your knees hurt. Prescriptions will usually be to stop impact sports, ice your knees and take pain killers. None of which actually solve the issue.


I had my first experience in knee pain in 2006. For 18 months unable to straighten my right knee completely without pain. I was unable to jump of my right leg without pain.


I saw one of the world best orthopedists. This was the surgerous who worked with Seattle’s professional sports teams. He told me I had chondromalacia.  A chronic breakdown of the cartilage on the inside of my patella. He suggested my tendency to this was genetic that I would need a knee replacement by 35 and that I should stop all high impact athletic activities.


I was not willing to accept that verdict I found a Physical Therapist who saw things differently.  In a few weeks she had almost completely cured my knee problems. Using the drills I got from her as a base I went on to help many athletes in the parkour community overcome knee pain.  Over the years I have learned from some of the greats in mobility and prehabilitation. Folks like Kelly Starret, Functional Range Conditioning, Kit Laughlin, Todd Hargrove and more.


Last november though I developed a bad case of knee pain. After a long and intense training and teaching tour of europe. This didn’t scare me, because I knew I had the tools to heal myself. I used this is the exact routine to bring my knee back to full function in just 6 weeks.


If you’re currently suffering knee pain or you want to make sure you won’t have to, give this a try. Of course this is not medical advice and should not be misconstrued as such.

I can not diagnose the cause of your pain in a blog post and there are times when you do need a Dr’s attention. That said for most people suffering knee pain this series of exercises is extremely helpful.

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