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Parkour as Self Defense with Brandee Laird | EMP Podcast 89
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Parkour as Self Defense with Brandee Laird | EMP Podcast 89


Episode Breakdown

Today our guest is Brandee Laird!

Brandee is the founder of Citizen Operating Systems, which aims to encourage civic responsibility, create investment in challenging diseases of civilization, and empower extraordinary action by ordinary citizens through a unique blend of parkour, martial arts and other self defense disciplines.

Back in the day, Brandee was one of my very first apprentice coaches at Parkour Visions and she was really the first person to open my eyes to the important distinction between coaching as a science and an art.

Where I was very drawn to creating detailed programs for athletic progression, Brandee’s classes were about creating a profound experience for the student, and that was reflected by the continual praise her students shared with me about her abilities as an instructor.

So I was really excited to bring her on and talk specifically about her recent work around self defense training and using parkour as a vital expression of that practice.

For anyone who’s ever been interested in self preservation training, or who has ever thought about how the practices of martial arts and parkour can mutually benefit and enhance one another, this episode will be right up your alley.


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