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Parkour as Therapy with Kasturi Torchia: EMP Podcast 39
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Parkour as Therapy with Kasturi Torchia: EMP Podcast 39

Parkour as Therapy with Kasturi Torchia: EMP Podcast 39

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If you’re looking to improve the quality of your life, one of the most fundamental places you can start is with your movement practice.

The body and the brain crave movement: they want to tinker with weight, and space, and time, and shape. They want to explore, solve problems, and change the world around them.

They want to forge connections to the environment and other beings and discover new possibilities within themselves.

By undertaking a movement practice we are better able to shape ourselves, our community, and our world to fit our hopes and dreams.

At the same time it helps us improve our ability to accept and overcome adversity when it inevitably finds its way into our lives.

This is a driving force behind Evolve Move Play, and it’s why we reached out to Kasturi Torchia to have her join us on the podcast today.

Kasturi is founder of Esprit Concrete where they are combining coaching parkour/Art Du Deplacement, psychological theory, and intervention to empower people to nurture a sense of personal responsibility in the hope that they will then strive to give back to society. 

Through her studies Kasturi has begun building a multi-modal model around how the processes we use to face hurdles in physical practice might mirror our processes for facing hurdles in daily life, and how we might use that understanding to simultaneously unblock struggles that we face in both arenas.

We touch on a lot of wonderful subjects in this episode ranging from the role sports has played in society throughout the ages, to the distinction between Jitsu practices and Do practices, to the shadow side of training and how we might practice communication in the same way we practice technical progressions in sport.  So give it a look and let us know what you think below!



00:00 – Intro
05:44 – Kasturi’s History
11:48 – The Therapeutic Practice
31:50 – Why Am I Here?
40:28 – Life and Sport
55:35 – The Parkour Counter Culture
01:11:51 – Costs and Benefits
01:21:21 – Integrating the Practice
01:30:48 – The Duty to Care
01:38:08 – The Group and the Individual

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