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Parkour, Social Justice & Transhumanism with Lucas Dimoveo | EMP Podcast 95
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Parkour, Social Justice & Transhumanism with Lucas Dimoveo | EMP Podcast 95


Episode Breakdown

Today our guest is Lucas Dimoveo.

You may not have heard of Lucas’ name before, he doesn’t keep a super high profile in public spaces, but he is a really interesting thinker who has been a long time member of the parkour community.

In addition to his passion for parkour and movement in general, Lucas is deeply interested in the subjects of social justice and transhumanism.

He and I have had a lot of discussions around these topics over the years and while we share very different views, we’ve always been able to maintain a healthy, collegial dialogue.

Lucas reached out to me wanting to have a conversation about these topics on the podcast, and the idea was really interesting to me because while I try not to get too political with these podcasts, I think it’s incredibly important to feature articulate thinkers who hold opposing views so that we can really interrogate these ideas together.

So come along and join us for this deep and fascinating discussion and be sure to share your own thoughts and insights in the comments section. If you get a lot out of the chat, be sure to like, subscribe and hit the bell icon so you can be notified when our next episode drops!


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