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Patterns of Being with Jonathan Pageau | EMP Podcast 96
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Patterns of Being with Jonathan Pageau | EMP Podcast 96


Episode Breakdown

Today we have Jonathan Pageau back on the podcast!

If you missed our first episode with him, be sure to check that out before watching this one!

Do When we last spoke, my goal for the conversation was to try and see if we could bridge the gap between the symbolic, meaning-focused worldview and a rational materialist, scientific worldview.

While our discussion was incredibly rich and brought a lot of value to many of the viewers who shared their responses, there was a point in the conversation where we got stuck and had to put a pin in it. This happened around the idea of the face in the clouds.

So as I approached this next conversation, I was pretty intimidated to try to take the conversation further, but by the end of the discussion I was actually really pleased at how far this conversation went and how much more of a bridge I felt like we produced.

The first half of our chat revolves around what’s happening in our culture around storytelling, and sharing our insights for applying a symbolic worldview to the stories that we’re paying attention to. The second half of the conversation is really about how we bridge these two epistemologies, and we start where we left off with the question of “is a face in the cloud a face in a real way?” What do we mean when we say real? And I think we do some really good work in hacking at that question and then grounding what the discussion is and where the disagreements are.

I think there’s a ton of valuable insight generation in this conversation and I’m really pleased to be in dialogue with Jonathan and to be able to bring it to you all.

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Thanks a lot and enjoy the show!


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