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EMP Podcast 86
Physical Alchemy with Dave Wardman | EMP Podcast 86
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Physical Alchemy with Dave Wardman | EMP Podcast 86


Episode Breakdown

Today our guest is Dave Wardman!

Dave is a guide and the creator of the Physical Alchemy method. His influences and studies include practice and metaphysics drawing from Western physical culture, Sufism, Zen, Stretch Therapy, Martial Arts (traditional and modern), Bodywork, Ida Rolf, the teachings of Gurdjieff, shamanism, alchemy and more.

I’m excited to share this conversation because even though Dave and I share a very different approach to how we articulate and conceptualize our personal practices, I believe that what he’s doing with Physical Alchemy is very closely aligned with our work at Evolve Move Play.

Dave has also taken an interest in some of our recent conversations with John Vervaeke, Paul Vander Klay and Jonathan Pageau, so it is great to have him join the conversation to share his ideas around these running topics from a more esoteric and eastern perspective.


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