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Power Choice and Virtue with Rory Miller
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Power Choice and Virtue with Rory Miller

“There is no better way to keep good people weak, then to tell them they will magically become bad people if they become powerful.”
Rory Miller
This weeks podcast features a second sit down with celebrated self defense author Rory Miller.
In this episode we dig deep into.
1. The problem of orienting effectively as finite creature in an infinite world.
2. How we evolved to be powerful
3. Why our education systems are set up to prevent us from becoming powerful
4. Why we need to become powerful to be virtuous
5. Principles based training
6. Social scripts why we need them how they limit us and how to step out of them to achieve your goals
7. And the balance between the lizard, monkey and human brain and whether reason or emotion and intuition are our greatest guides.

We are still working on getting our episodes up on itunes it should be done very soon for now click below for the youtube link.

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