The Heroes Journey


TIME | 9am to 11pm
LOCATION | Kelley Family Homestead
DATE | 8/12/2019 – 8/18/2019
SUMMARY | Evolve Move Play’s premiere event for intermediate and advanced movers. A seven day immersion in natural movement in the very spots were the evolve move play practice was developed. Featuring waterfall climbs, sprawling cedar trees, sand cliffs and beautiful alpine terrain. This is an incredible tribal event were after a days training we wind down together over beautiful local organic food, share stories, take saunas and enjoy cold plunges, make fire, and learn bush craft skills.

Major themes will include
Flow and how to understand and develop effective and aesthetic flow.
Looking at rhythmic control, displacement, direction of intertia, risk management and structure management.
Aesthetics, rotations & inversions, dynamics, amplitude, and style.
The Mental Game:
Overcoming fear, developing focus and orientating effectively to new situations
Aliveness in Movement
Adaptive movement, developmental tools, tactics and strategies for racing, escaping, and chasing
Deeper into martial arts and self defense, and combinations with natural parkour.



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