Saturday Evolve Move Play Class – 5/5/2018


TIME | 11am to 12:30pm
LOCATION | Volunteer Park, Seattle, Washington
DATE | 5/5/2018
SUMMARY | Join us for our 90-minute Saturday moving event.



Want to become a more adaptable, resilient alive human being through movement practice come join us Saturday. We live in a culture that has sacrificed health, strength, and joy for security, profit and life in a box. Break out of your box return to the source of your humanity.

We evolved to move, to move in nature, to move with a tribe and to develop through play. Reclaim your ability to move like a human, to live like a human.

At Evolve Move Play we will reintroduce you to moving in the natural world: climbing trees, jumping, running, vaulting, and moving with your friends. You will develop better communication, connection, flow, combative and acrobatic skills through the power of roughhousing. All the while learning in a small group, giving each student the proper attention for a safe and nurturing learning environment. Simply put, you will not find another organization like us

We are unparalleled when it comes to teaching natural movement. Our approach is uniquely effective, with a proven record of success with untrained grandmothers and world class athletes. It is rooted in an understanding that we learn best through play and flow, in a process of guided self-discovery and a deep care for our students’ growth.

Each week we will explore elements of natural parkour, body development and roughhousing.

So if you are ready to enhance your life and experience the thrills that the natural world can provide, come join us.

Cost is $25 for an 90 minute class.


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