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Rafe’s Background
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Rafe’s Background

If you’re interested in my background, this is a good place to start.

I was a biological anthropology major in school but dropped out to pursue coaching gymnastics, which led to parkour, and now to natural movement, although playing out in the woods has always been my passion.

I have over 8 years experience in parkour, gymnastics, martial arts, and strength and conditioning. I have in the past been NASM and Crossfit certified, I was one of the first trainers given permission to teach Exuberant Animal and co taught the very first MovNat seminar.

I have taught seminars for Tempest Freerunning, Crossfit Portland, Crossfit Tacoma , Crossfit Hoboken, Mt. Baker Gymnastics, Jogo Gym, Bainbridge and Skagit Valley Parks and Recreation.

Among my biggest accomplishments was co-founding and acting as the lead coach for Parkour Visions, which was the west coast’s first parkour gym, one of the first four in North America, and know one of the largest and most widely respected gyms in the world.

My current project is bringing together my interests in movement, evolution, biophilia, and the importance of play into a complete approach to natural movement which I am calling Evolve Move Play.

For examples of my movement check out these videos:

You can view more on my coaching progressions here, and on my philosophy of parkour coaching, view this video.

You can also check out interviews with me from, and Parkour Conditioning.
You can also find me on facebook at

Thanks for following my blog. I’ll get back to more in-depth content soon.

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