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Retiring the movement inspiration blog
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Retiring the movement inspiration blog

You the readers have probably noticed the frequency of the movement inspiration blog has been decreasing and the posts have been lighter. I have started to feel I have mostly said what I wanted to say with this format and I am finding that time spent on the daily blogs is cutting into time for longer projects. I have a number of longer articles at some level of complete, that I have not been able to get out because of spending my writing time on the daily blog.

The daily blog may come back in the future as time and bringing other people into Evolve Move Play allows. For now I wish to focus on longer term writing projects, revamp the site, and focus on my teaching projects. So at minimum consider the blog on hiatus, keep an eye on the website though for articles which I hope to publish ever other week, and follow my social media feeds for regular video and thoughts from my practice, as well as videos I find inspiring.

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