Movement Training for Humans
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In the last 3 years some changes have occurred in my thinking, and my focus has shifted to movement and human play and away from the question of fitness. I will have a new site live soon at with much more regular content.

For now let me report that his past weekend saw the relaunch of my Evolutionary Fitness project. The first event teaching this new method was a huge success, with a great turn out, beautiful weather, and wonderful skill, spirit and camaraderie from all who attended.

Enjoy the pictures below of this past weekend’s event, and sign up for my next seminar in Portland at and let everyone know you are going on the Facebook event page:

IMG_6625 IMG_6643 IMG_6673IMG_6683 IMG_6698 IMG_6750 IMG_6762 IMG_6771 IMG_6805 IMG_6825 IMG_6851 IMG_6888 IMG_6899 IMG_6907 IMG_6918 IMG_6939 IMG_6961 IMG_6972 IMG_7140 IMG_7145 IMG_7161 IMG_7167 IMG_7203 IMG_7330IMG_7249

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