Return to the Source seminar

This is the BIG seminar of the year for Evolve Move Play july 11th-13th. Grab your tickets here

Come immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, learning to be a movement bad-ass and recovering your ability to play.

Run, jump, climb, lift, throw, fight, and flow in the environments that inspired Evolve Move Play.

Day 1, Volunteer Park, Seattle: ground flow, joint prep, breakfalls, tree climbing, swinging, vaulting and striding and introduction to contact and improvisation.

Day 2, Whatcom Falls Park, Bellingham: Sprinting and maximal jumps, combatives, log jumping, creek running, Swimming and cliff jumping.

Day 3, Larrabee State Park, Bellingham: Lifting, carrying, throwing, movement connections, climbing, and boulder hopping.

You can see where we will be training in these videos:

During the nights we will be camping on my family property, which you can see here:

I am really excited about our plans for this year’s seminar.

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