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If you’re wondering what our outdoor movement practice and natural parkour can do for you (on so many levels!), check out the reviews and testimonials from the people who move with us.

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🌳 At EMP, we envision a world of reconnected humans, no longer alienated from themselves, each other, and nature. We’re realizing this vision and achieving our mission by reconnecting our students to the essential human needs they’ve been alienated from. Needs like spending time in nature, moving in nature, roughhousing with other humans, and more. See how people just like you have discovered the endless possibilities of body and mind from our outdoor movement training practice.
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Now I see opportunities for play and movement in everyday life.
Physical Therapist, Assistant Athletic Trainer Seattle Seahawks
He’s a damn cool dude who not only knows a lot about movement, but has a gift for explaining things and making the complicated seem simple.
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt, Coach at Balance studio’s BJJ, MovNat Level 2 Certified Coach
After training with Rafe, my life is now the adventure I’ve always wished I could have.
Former Head Coach at Apex Movement, Former Coach at Parkour Visions
I had the good fortune of attending one of Rafe’s Evolve Move Play events in Philadelphia last month. Having been a fan of his videos on youtube, I was looking forward to seeing his take on Natural movement and I was pleasantly surprised by both his depth of knowledge and the friendly, personable way he conducted himself. He’s a damn cool dude who not only knows a lot about movement, but has a gift for explaining things and making the complicated seem simple. As a Brazilian jiujitsu instructor, a Movnat practitioner and a lifelong skateboarder, I was pleasantly surprised at the simple but efficient drills and techniques Rafe taught about combat, sprinting, breakfalling (a completely new and fresh take on this that I was really impressed with), climbing and locomotion. What I’m saying, in an overly wordy way is this: If you get the chance to train with Rafe, take it. If you get another chance, do it again. He knows his stuff and is a cool dude and that’s a rare combo.
Josh Vogel
BJJ Black Belt, Kettlebell coach and LEO
Over the past five years I’ve had the opportunity to be coached by, train with, and develop a friendship with Rafe. Throughout this time, Rafe’s passion for movement has been incredibly evident. It is this passion and his breadth of experience that shows in his perspicuous coaching style; he’s able to individualize his approach and cuing to what a student needs and can understand at their current level.

I began my parkour experience under Rafe’s coaching as an apt novice, and now even as an advanced traceur, he continues to inspire and encourage my growth as an athlete. Without a doubt, my steady progression towards the athlete I am today has been accelerated thanks to Rafe. Even my current coaching style has rooted from the days when Rafe was my mentor. He and I both share an interest in the biomechanics behind what gives movement it’s quality – his curiosity and diligence on studying the matter in a methodical way has inspired me to develop a similar, in-depth approach to my own coaching.
2011 Parkour Visions Classic champion, 2012 Origins Invitational champion, second place classic 2012-2013 and Origins Invitational 2011
I am a movement enthusiast and my friend, Jason C. Brown recommended that I take the course. After viewing Rafe Kelley’s TreeRunner video on YouTube, I signed up immediately. On October 27th, 2013, I had the pleasure of training with Rafe for an Evolve, Move, Play seminar in Ft. Washington Park, PA. For a seven hour seminar, Rafe gave diligent attention to strength/weakness assessments with corrective exercise advice; as well as lessons on fundamental movements of ground movements, sprinting, climbing, falling, vaulting, throwing, lifting and combatives.

I was impressed by Rafe’s knowledge and passion for the subject matter. He offers a warm and welcoming teaching style. Rafe is approachable, open and always willing to get one to perform the movement to the best of their ability. What I liked about his method of teaching was how he linked individual movements particularly in ground movements and vaulting and then incorporated the movements together into a flow sequence. This is useful in training with a partner because each of you can play games off of it by constantly adding a new movement which your partner will have to copy. It makes the combos and possibilities endless and thus never allows for boredom.

I am a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and a Kettlebell coach. I have been implementing many of the ground movements that I learned in the seminar into my warm ups for jiu jitsu and kettlebells. I work in the public safety field and I feel more confident in my sprinting, vaulting and climbing skills having taken Rafe’s course. I think most importantly the seminar was a lot of fun!. For seven hours, his pricing is more than fair, it is a steal. I highly recommend one train with Rafe.
BJJ Black Belt, Kettlebell coach and LEO
In a lifetime of coaches, no one has been more transformative for me than Rafe. Training under Rafe meant that I was always at the cutting edge of the science of movement, strength, injury and recovery.

He synthesizes the best from dozens of movement disciplines to create a training regimen that produces dramatic results– I’ve never progressed faster than I did under his instruction. As an athlete, the worst thing about moving away from Seattle was that I lost his coaching. If you’re in the Seattle area, don’t waste your luck!
Traceurs, Crossfitter, Tae Kwon DO
I’ve known Rafe for a while now, so not to my surprise, the Evolve/Move/Play seminar I attended was well thought out and very complimentary to my lifelong love of movement and martial arts. He’s a great guy with a passion for uncovering cutting edge science behind movement, which is incredibly rare today in the Parkour community. He’s also one of the few practitioners who wholeheartedly recognizes the value in the role of falling techniques when it comes to progression. I’ve gained a lot of new insight and perspective from his seminar and training with him over the years.
Owner/GM/Head Instructor/Professional Athlete at APEX Movement Founder || Parkour Ukemi, Parkour Randori CoFounder || ParkourED, Apex Movement

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