Cornwall Park: August 12-16

Evolve Move Play Summer Camps

We evolved to move, to move through nature, and to learn to move through play. In a world of longer school hours, less physical education, and shorter recesses, children are being stunted by lack of access to movement, play and time in nature.

At our week long summer camp, we are dedicated to letting kids be kids. Our instructors will make time each day to guide the group through games and activities that build physical, mental, and emotional robustness while maintaining a balance of free exploration time for the children to create, discover, and learn about the things they are naturally drawn to. We will move through trees, wrestle and roughhouse, learn about plant and animal identification, practice throwing and catching, running and jumping, laughing and telling stories. We will talk about how to develop awareness and have amazing adventures safely!

Camp hours run from 9am to 1pm and will include an hour lunch break, and there will always be at least two staff members present to guide and watch over the kids as they have an exciting, action packed week of learning and play. We are excited to see you there!

Upcoming Summer Camps

Evolve Move Play Summer Camp 08/12 – 16

TIME | 9am to 1pm
LOCATION | Cornwall Park, Bellingham, Washington
DATE | 08/12/2019 – 08/16/2019



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