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Testimonial Eric Rubin
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Testimonial Eric Rubin

This is one of my favorite testimonials I have gotten, courtesy of Eric Rubin.

“The Return to the Source Camp was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Those three days were packed with learning, exploring, playing, challenging myself and being challenged, bonding with like-minded people, and deep relaxation in nature.
I climbed a vertical cave against the flow of a waterfall. I ran and jumped between boulders alongside a parkour practioner who trained Wushu in China, cruising over the water of the creek and improvising to match the terrain. I sumo wrestled in the hot sand with a Wilderness Guide who trains Animal Forms … and was easily bested by his Bear Style. I jumped off cliffs into cold water, climbed trees, and learned a ton of useful drills and games. I got to see the forested property where Rafe grew up, which features fairytale architecture that you have to see for yourself and which fully explains why Rafe is like that.
Rafe pushed me to try movements that were outside my repertoire and to do movement challenges that were just beyond what I would normally attempt. He brought an impressive breadth of academic and experiential knowledge to the group, and he communicated as simply as possible without losing the core principles. Perhaps more importantly, Rafe was able to translate training into high-level play, add amazing natural locations, and produce unforgettable adventures”

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