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Testimonial Joe Mc Swiney
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Testimonial Joe Mc Swiney

Joe Mc Swiney was a student of mine at Parkour Visions and a long time martial arts but he had never taken his parkour training outside nor seen the full Evolve Move Play curriculum.

“I attended Evolve Move Play in Seattle last weekend. It feels like I had been walking around in some kind of strait jacket and it has just been untied. I practice a lot of sports it’s clear to me now that none of them are complete. They all channel you in their preferred set of physical directions. Evolve Move Play makes you step back and reenter movement in a fundamentally different way, from posture through connective tissue conditioning to full expression in various forms of play. My favorite game was as simple as trying to grab a stick before it fell with my play partner telling me what hand to use at the last minute. Rafe’s coaching style is excellent in that he has a great sense of where you need to evolve to at this time. For some it is catching big air between trees and for others it is simply learning to fall again, like a baby.”

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