Testimonial Josh Vogel

“I had the good fortune of attending one of Rafe’s Evolve Move Play events in Philadelphia last month. Having been a fan of his videos on youtube, I was looking forward to seeing his take on Natural movement and I was pleasantly surprised by both his depth of knowledge and the friendly, personable way he conducted himself. He’s a damn cool dude who not only knows a lot about movement, but has a gift for explaining things and making the complicated seem simple. As a Brazilian jiujitsu instructor, a Movnat practitioner and a lifelong skateboarder, I was pleasantly surprised at the simple but efficient drills and techniques Rafe taught about combat, sprinting, breakfalling (a completely new and fresh take on this that I was really impressed with), climbing and locomotion. What I’m saying, in an overly wordy way is this: If you get the chance to train with Rafe, take it. If you get another chance, do it again. He knows his stuff and is a cool dude and that’s a rare combo.”

Josh Vogel BJJ Black belt, coach at Balance studio’s BJJ, MovNat level 2 certified coach

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