Testimonial Justin Sweeney

Testimonial from Justin Sweeney, Parkour Visions advanced coach, personal trainer, 2011 summit champion and all around top parkour athlete .

“Over the past five years I’ve had the opportunity to be coached by, train with, and develop a friendship with Rafe. Throughout this time, Rafe’s passion for movement has been incredibly evident. It is this passion and his breadth of experience that shows in his perspicuous coaching style; he’s able to individualize his approach and cuing to what a student needs and can understand at their current level. I began my parkour experience under Rafe’s coaching as a an apt novice, and now even as an advanced traceur, he continues to inspire and encourage my growth as an athlete. Without a doubt, my steady progression towards the athlete I am today has been accelerated thanks to Rafe. Even my current coaching style has rooted from the days when Rafe was my mentor. He and I both share an interest in the biomechanics behind what gives movement it’s quality – his curiosity and diligence on studying the matter in a methodical way has inspired me to develop a similar, in-depth approach to my own coaching.”

If your interested in personal training or scheduling a seminar in your area please contact Rafe.Kelley@gmail.com

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