Personal Movement Profile

In the Evolve Move Play system we look at how an athlete specifically produces force against the ground. Based on how quickly they can descend into the hole in a countermovement jump, how well they stabilize in the hole before coming back up, and both how deeply they can go into the hole and how far they can extend at end of the jump.This tells us about the athletes muscular balance and neuromuscular type.

Your force profile looks evenly developed overall. You have great stability in your jump, good hip extension, and moderate depth in the countermovement. You look like you could use some rate of force development improvement and your jump distance is is out of proportion to our strength numbers, for an athlete with your squat and deadlift we would expect something closer to 2.7 meters. The good news is I think this is mostly about coordinating the movement pattern and developing your elastic capacity. This should improve fast.

Your parkour basics are nicely developed, and we will be able to improve on them quickly.


A written program can never be perfectly responsive to an athlete, the capacity of an individual varies from day to day and week to week based on many factors outside of training. Over time the goal is develop your intuitive sensitivity to the type of movement your body needs. In the beginning high program adherence is very important as you learn the basics of this program. Over time focus on deep attention to your bodies response and understand the sets and reps are guidelines not hard and fast rules, and communicate if you’re not sure.

Training Phases

The initial program contains three movement phases. Technique/Basics, Flow, and Power.
Each phase should last a minimum of 3 weeks but can be extended as desired if you feel you are still getting something out of that phase but not more than 6 weeks.


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