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The Ecology of Self Transformation with Simon Thakur: Evolve Move Play Podcast 22
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The Ecology of Self Transformation with Simon Thakur: Evolve Move Play Podcast 22

Humans are complex and so is the world through which we navigate. Often times the things we don’t pay attention to have an astounding influence on our ability to accomplish our goals and grow as individuals. Subtleties in how we breathe, how we stand, how we move, how we think, how we perceive ourselves, others, or our environment, all coalesce to either help or hinder our efforts in sport and in life.

Today we are beginning a conversation with Simon Thakur about how we can change the way we practice the powerful subtleties of our selves so that we can more effectively become the people we want to be.

We will be talking about the ecology of practice ranging from meditation and contemplation to specific physical disciplines and how to determine the scope of value that they can offer to us on our personal journeys. We also touch on why the game of Capoeira inherently creates students that learn skills faster and why divorcing the movements from the game tends to negate those results.

This is a brief episode that will lay some groundwork for future conversations with Simon. We are looking forward to having him back because we have a ton of material to cover that we think you’ll get a lot out of.

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Thanks everyone, and happy moving!

-The EMP Team

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