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EMP Podcast 34
The Heroic Journey, Parkour & Jordan Peterson: EMP Podcast 34
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The Heroic Journey, Parkour & Jordan Peterson: EMP Podcast 34

The Heroic Journey, Parkour & Jordan Peterson: EMP Podcast 34

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a story is worth countless lessons.

Each person who listens to a tale can see it freshly from the frame of their own life experiences and glean from it a level of wisdom that may have never been otherwise captured.

More so, because we continually grow and gain new insights throughout the course of our lives, as we return to these stories time and again we find that they offer us new wisdom that we hadn’t been ready to receive before.

John Vervaeke speaks of this as being a kind of sacredness; a relationship between person and narrative that affords an inexhaustible fount of insight and discovery.

Throughout history and across cultures, the most prevalent theme humans have been sharing with one another is the epic struggle between order and chaos.

It is a universal truth that life begets conflict and that the most admirable trait a person can aspire to is the ability to face the challenges of their life head on. To us, movement practice is a path towards that aim.

It is a lifelong road that leads us from the “unbearable present” to the “ideal future”.

A daily commitment to becoming the self we most admire.

Today Rafe is going to revisit the stories he told on our last podcast episode and tie them back into the frame of movement practice. He will explain how these concepts of order, chaos and the heroic journey can be powerful tools to aid us on our own path of self transformation.



00:00 – Intro and Forward
02:35 – Movement and the Heroic Journey
04:44 – Rafe’s History
11:54 – Congruent Principles
15:50 – Order, Chaos and the Heroic Practice
22:24 – The Dragon, The Slayer and The Tamer
33:17 – The Dark and Light of the Archetypes
37:04 – Parkour and the Parched Kingdom

[2 Heroic Conflicts]
[The Self Worth Esteeming]

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-The EMP Team

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