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EMP Podcast 74
The Therapeutic Power of Play with Jackie Wu | EMP Podcast 74
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The Therapeutic Power of Play with Jackie Wu | EMP Podcast 74


Episode Breakdown

Whether or not you’re a movement practitioner, chances are good that you’ve had to deal with injury or dysfunction at some point or another.

These unfortunate but common events can have a lasting effect on our sense of connection to our body or movement, and the process of rebuilding that connection can be incredibly daunting for many.

It’s our belief that on top of being an incredible tool for motor learning and personal development, play fills a crucial role in the realm of physical therapy by creating fun, positive, rewarding emotions around the recovery process.

So we brought our good friend Jackie Wu on to the podcast to share with us how she’s been using play in her physical therapy practice to help herself and her clients recover faster and overcome some of the mental and emotional stumble blocks that come with injury and dysfunction.

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