Flow is big word these days in the movement/fitness/performance world, but a clear definition of flow is often lacking and many who pursue it are using very limited, too.

Strength and conditioning movements done in circuits is an ok starting place but it is very far from the highest levels of flow. To see that you can’t beat dancers. Taking an advanced modern dance class was one of the most beautifully humbling moments of movement history.

So what is movement flow. In Evolve Move Play, flow in movement is defined as the ability to maintain momentum in transitions between movement patterns.

It is easy to maintain a steady rhythm and momentum running, rowing or swimming because you are simply repeating the same motor pattern over and over, it is far more difficult to run, vault, land in stride, run up a wall climb to the top and jump to another wall without loss of momentum. It is when we have to create connections between different movement patterns that we start too experience flow.

This capacity is at the heart of progressive movement disciplines if what you do is simply rote repetition it is fitness masquerading as movement.

Atomizing skills and working on them gives you a better foundation for flow but if all you ever do is the atoms its like trying to learn music by only ever practicing a chord for 10 reps followed by another chord for 10 etc etc. It is a dead end as a mover.

So today your challenge is to practice flow put multiple movements together and play close attention too the connections, the transitions.

For inspiration check out this amazing video from one of my favorite movers Lewie west.

[arve url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7DbTTy1BWA”]