I divide training into elements that do not require large amounts of recovery and benefit from daily practice and those we need to recover from, daily practices vs weekly trainings.

Morning Routine

Every morning try to meditate or practice breathing for 10 minutes, and 10 minutes of joint rotations, and if you can do some gentle Qi gong as well. Here is an example of my routine.


Walking is one of the biggest missing movement nutrients from a modern lifestyle, aim to get one long walk in every day barefoot over natural terrain. Or a similar time spent walking broken up over the day, on rising, before lunch and after dinner for instance. 2-3 miles a day total is a good goal.

Ground Sitting

Ground sitting is major component of how humans naturally develop and maintain lower body mobility. It’s a huge missing movement nutrient from our lives, wherever possible try to replace chair sitting with sitting on the ground. Try to vary the postures below, the listed postures are not exhaustive, find more variations as well.


Our shoulder is designed to hang from and swing from Modern computer centric lifestyles and lack of time in suspensory movement leads to immobility and shoulder issues some regular time spent hanging each day will help the shoulder reclaim its natural mobility and durability.

Every day try to find time for the sequence below, all in one set or as movement snacks throughout the day.



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