Movement Training for Humans
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Find out what’s been
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Evolve Move Play is an ecology of practices aimed at creating a deeper sense of meaning in life by reconnecting  to Movement, Mindfulness, Nature, and Community. 

By strengthening these vital connections, you will feel a renewed kinship with yourself, your environment, and the people around you, and will better be able to cultivate your own character to become the person you most admire. 

Want to learn how to get started?

Whether you’re an elite athlete, a complete novice, or somewhere in between, we’re excited to help you take the next step forward on your movement journey.

Look below to see what in person and online learning opportunities we have available right now. 

Seasonal Retreats

The purest and most complete way to experience the Evolve Move Play method in action is by joining us for one of our upcoming seasonal retreats. This year we’ve got two big events on the calendar to choose from:

Return to the Source 2024  SOLD OUT | July 14-21
Autumn Adventure 2024 (East Coast, USA) | Sept 18-22

Weekend Workshops

Our coaches are hitting the road to teach a series of 2-day workshops. Hit the link below to learn more and sign up!

Online Courses

We also have a variety of online courses available that will reframe the way you look at your movement practice and allow you to begin your very own natural movement program right at home. 

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What’s your body capable of in nature?

Human beings evolved to move in nature daily. To skillfully run, jump, crawl, and climb through wild places with our closest companions, is hardwired into us. Yet we are disconnected from it now more than ever.

At EMP we know that reestablishing that deep connection to nature makes us healthier humans. But it also stokes our drive to transform our inner selves and to use what we can from our environment in a sustainable way. Together.

Our outdoor movement practice reconnects us with what it means to be human, with those things we forgot how to do, or maybe never experienced firsthand. Things like climbing trees and roughhousing with friends…

The fact is, we are already equipped to move like humans. We’re built with incredible bodies and brains and live in a natural world that we don’t have to fake a connection with — it’s inherent within all of us. Even if we’ve forgotten.

At Evolve Move Play, we empower you to move the way humans were meant to, with basic movements and functional training that will increase your fitness and help you unlock the inner power of your body in nature.

What makes us different from the mainstream fitness industry (i.e. the gym, yoga, spin, etc.) is that we believe that true fitness come from an embodied movement practice where you can consistently connect with yourself, nature, and other people.

Want to Get started today?

Natural Movement Online Courses >>

  • Return to Movement – 5 day introductory workshop
  • EMP Foundations – 30 day natural movement program
  • Intro to Natural Parkour Level 1 & 2 – A 6 or 12 week deep dive into more advanced levels of natural parkour
  • EMP Daily Practice – Five simple practices to attune and awaken you to your body’s potential every day.
  • Roughhousing 101: – 15 roughhousing games and dialogue practices to build deeper connections to mind, body and community.  
    • Roughhousing for Kids Expansion
    • Roughhousing for Intimate Relationships Expansion. 

Whether you just want to dip your toes, or you’re ready to dive in the deep end, we’ve got a roadmap that’s perfect for you. 

Move With Us

Our natural movement training program is not only a method to attain highly functional fitness — it’s a fun and sustainable practice. You will acquire skills in a natural environment through progressively scaled movement challenges designed to develop character while having a blast outside!

Join us and experience the wonder and wellness of discovering how to move like a human.

Our core practices

Natural Parkour

We connect people to their physical evolution by teaching them to move through nature and gain competence traversing the natural world. Develop the sophistication it takes to engage in and set up games in our parkour classes for beginners and advanced movement students alike. Practice parkour moves like vaults, rolls, jumps and landings, and other movement patterns.


We connect people to each other and to their own bodies through playful interaction with fellow tribe members. We believe roughhousing is not just for kids, but a beneficial functional exercise for all humans.

Nature Awareness

We help our students to not only move within nature but to understand how to use it to thrive. The more we can read and know the land, the more meaning we experience when we spend time in it.

Dynamic Games

We challenge the brain and form deeper connections between it, the nervous system, and the body by manipulating objects; we develop this critical human capacity by throwing, catching, and other dynamic movement training.

Body Integrity Practices

Practices that help us take care of our bodies over the long term, including deep breathing, joint fitness, strength, and range-of-motion exercises. We target all muscle groups needed to make you more agile and confident in your own skin.

Community Connection

We are a tribal species, and there's no overstating the value of deep interpersonal relationships. Our goal is to create a worldwide community of movers who are well equipped to communicate, connect, and care for the members of their tribe, both at home and online.


See what our tribe has to say

We want to transform your fitness goals into personal growth goals. By building a more meaningful fitness practice through communal and solo outdoor movement, you can embrace a powerful means of self-transformation at any age, from childhood to your later years. Check out our awesome testimonials!

Evolve Move Play Podcast

Self-transformation through human movement

At Evolve Move Play, we see movement as part of an ecology of practices that includes community, fitness, self- discovery and development, and cultivating a more meaningful life. How do you become the person you want to be? How can you develop a safe and sustainable movement practice? Make discoveries of your own by listening to our rad podcast on the movement culture.


Moving Movement Culture Forward

Do you want to evolve not only your health and fitness but your life and self?

Get back in touch with nature?

Looking for truly functional fitness training routines that foster growth and connection?

Evolve Move Play provides outdoor movement education and training to build healthier humans. We are guided by a philosophy of movement that emphasizes the practices that afford us a deeper sense of purpose and fulfilment in life!

That means being more deeply embodied in yourself, in your environment, and in your tribe.

We have cultivated a set of techniques that improves how humans apply skills gained from movement to life in general. In other words, we’re out for more than just fitness alone. For us, it’s all about living a meaningful life. Movement training is a fun and healthy way to get there.


Movement training resources

At EMP, we are actively trying to become the most heroic version of ourselves — brave, adaptable, resilient, flowing, and joyful. And we know you’re into it too! We cover it all in our awesome and in-depth blog.

You’ll find a ton of valuable insights about movement, mindfulness, nature, and community practices written by people who live and breathe the lifestyle.

Get the resources to help you become the most heroic version of you with sustainable movement practice, wellness, mindfulness, flow states, and everything in between!

Start your Free Daily Practice FOR

Health, Mobility & Wellbeing

We support your fitness goals AND your need for meaningful connection to self, nature, and community. Our highest goal for you is the cultivation of a meaningful life with the help of outdoor movement training. That’s why we want you to get started with our daily practice to take your training and personal development to the next level. On us.

Our natural parkour daily practice guide

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