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EMP Podcast 113
A Better Conversation About Race with CHLOE VALDARY | EMP Podcast 113
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A Better Conversation About Race with CHLOE VALDARY | EMP Podcast 113


Episode Breakdown

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Welcome back to the Evolve Move Play Podcast!

On this episode we’re joined once again by Chloe Valdary!

Chloe is the founder of Theory of Enchantment which helps businesses fight racism systematically by combining the teaching of Dr. Martin Luther King with developmental psychology and pop culture materials. Through her work she aims to help others develop their understanding of social emotional learning and improve their ability to take care of each other.

This chat will revolve around the topics of social justice, racism, and how Chloe’s work at Theory of Enchantment helps pave a better path towards bridging gaps in ideology and deeply recognizing the shared humanity in others.

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00:00 – Intro
00:31 – Ad: EMP Retreats
01:03 – Chloe’s background/What is Enchantment
16:37 – Reciprocal Narrowing/Opening/The Salience of Race
42:55 – Going Beyond the Propositional
52:52 – The Progress of the Civil Rights Movement
01:04:26 – The Problem with Utopia/DEI
01:16:55 – The Tyranny of Imposed Equity/Capitalism & Community

Chloe Valdary
-Twitter: @enchanttheory or @cvaldary

Resources Mentioned
Morris Berman – The Reenchantment of the Earth
Christopher Lasch – The True and Only Heaven
Tom Holland – Dominion
Jonathan Haidt – The Coddling of the American Mind
James Baldwin – The Fire Next Time
Martin Luther King Jr. – The Strength of Love
James Scott – Seeing Like a State

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