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Movement inspiration 2/21/14 go play in the snow
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Movement inspiration 2/21/14 go play in the snow

Tomorrow I am going skiing for the first time in three years, I am very excited to get some novel movement stimulus and experience one of the most beautiful feelings of flow the world can provide. Your challenge is to go find some snow time of your own this weekend. We have 9 feet of fresh snow in the northwest if your local go get some. Being able to move on and through snow has been vital skill for humans since we started inhabiting the northern hemisphere as I highlighted here furthermore its just really fun, sliding on it, doing acrobatics into it, using it to create objects or or having play battles. Some of my fondest play memories as child where of playing in th snow. There is little more joyous for a child then the first snow. When I was six years old my cousin woke me up by dropping a snowball in my face and that is I found out it it had finally snowed. It is one of the most vividly happy memories of my life. If your in an area where there is snow go ski, snow shoe, sled, snowboard, or have a snow ball war this weekend.

Your inspiration for today this J.P Auclair street style skiing video.

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