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Here’s what our Expert guests are saying…

Opportunities for Play and Movement in everyday life

"I've changed my thinking on movement. It used to be very structured [with] movement time and workout time... Now I see opportunities for play and movement in everyday life. It's definitely made me a lot happier. It's exciting and fun to see something cool and go try it."

MICHAEL TANKOVICH // Physical Therapist & Assistant Athletic trainer for Seattle Seahawks

Deep connections of Movement & Meaning

“There is much talk about embodiment today, but Rafe has used his extensive experience and expertise to put together an excellent course that puts you more directly in touch with your own embodied agency in a way that will transform your sense of connectedness to yourself, to other people, and to the natural world. Here is a real opportunity to make a deep and lasting difference to who you are and how meaningfully you live.”

JOHN VERVAKE // Director of Cognitive Science at the University of Toronto

Improve my own Theories and Application

“Coming into my first experience with Rafe Kelley I didn't know what to expect however I left with greater expectations of future workshops and an understanding of how Rafes theories in movement could improve my own theories and application within my own practice as well as my clients. Rafe treated me like a long lost bipedal brother and I can't wait to join him again on another journey.”

ADAM VON ROTHFELDER // Pro MMA fighter, Star of NBC strong, Founder of Strong Coffee Company

Here’s what our community is saying...

“EMP has this ability to take from many different ideas, disciplines and philosophies to help develop a whole life way, ethos and personal practice in natural movement and parkour.”
-Eric Rossi

“I've been implementing many things I have learned from you guys with my own movement practice and with my clients and it’s been a ton of fun and very rewarding. I want to do things differently and (from what I have experienced) what you guys are practicing and offering is in alignment with me. I can feel that.”
-Nikki Dunlop

“I have transformed as a human, learned so much about our evolution and found the most nutritious solutions to my movement conundrums by exposing myself to Evolve Move Play.”
-Alicia Wang

“There's a sense of community that these people engender that's unlike anything I've ever experienced. I'm both humbled and blessed by being able to participate here. I've been finding my edges, finding my limitations and learning how to move past them, and that's life. That's like the essence of what it means to be a human. So if I were you I would definitely check it out.”
-Angelo Gonzales

I've done two workshops with EMP and loved them both. They not only bring play, fun, & functionality to movement, but they also incorporate elements of psychology, human connection, and inspiration. The workshops are about connecting with self, others, and nature, reconnecting to play, and challenging your mind and body to step out of its comfort zone and explore one's full potential. I'm grateful something like EMP exists and think more people should know about it!”
-Kira Olsen


RAFE KELLEY, Creator of the Embodied Movement Summit, founder of Evolve Move Play

Hey, I’m Rafe.

As a natural movement and parkour coach I’ve spent the last 20+ years teaching movement and the last 7+ sharing it around the world. I have a passion for integrating insights from a broad range of research topics, personal practice into helping people move better and get more out of their movement.

My mission is to empower people around the world to live more rewarding, meaningful lives by reconnecting them to dedicated practices around movement, mindfulness, nature and community.

If you are ready to put in the work, I’m here to show you the way.

Featured in TEDx, the Journal of Ancestral Health, Paleo Fx, the Ancestral Health Symposium, The Embodiment Conference, and many more.

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