March Content Round up

Hey guys we have had a ton of recent content come out which we haven’t kept the site up to date on.

Check it out and make sure you didn’t miss anything.

I appeared on two podcasts this month. The align podcast with bodyworker, mover and mobility expert Aaron Alexander

Rafe Kelley: Joint Articulation, Healthy Calluses, Natural Movement | Ep. 53

And the Vibrant Potential podcast with Chiropractic Dr. triathlete and general athlete Chris Fyrkman.


We also released our 3rd podcast with the amazing Rory Miller violence and self defense author and one of the most influential thinkers to my own movement and life thinking.

We also put out our first episode showing a single training day with Evolve Move Play.

Enjoy and please subscribe, like, share and let us know anything else you would like to see us cover, guests to have on the podcast etc.

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