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EMP Podcast 60
Exploring the Parkour Roadmap with Max Henry | EMP Podcast 60
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Exploring the Parkour Roadmap with Max Henry | EMP Podcast 60


Episode Breakdown

Welcome back to the Evolve Move Play Podcast!

This week our guest is Max Henry, a veteran of the parkour scene and the author of The Parkour Roadmap.

Max is a very thoughtful guy who has traveled all over the world and done extensive stunt work and worked at a very high level within parkour. I was initially interested in touching base with him also because he’s taken interest in the philosophical side of the sport and understanding the hero’s journey and how that applies to our practice within parkour.

Among other things, in this chat we dug deep into Max’s personal physical practice and how he builds himself up and prepares for challenges. I think if you are interested in how high level parkour is practiced, and how people build up for that practice, this is gonna be a really fantastic interview for you to watch.

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