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Inspiration 12/12/14 Aaron Hakala mover
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Inspiration 12/12/14 Aaron Hakala mover

There have always been diverse movers who pulled from many different movement traditions witness Jackie Chan or vaudeville performers.

The explosion of parkour, freerunning and the more broad concept of movement culture seems to be giving rise to a new generation of diverse movers, we are seeing more and more guys who are doing not just parkour and acrobatics, but adding elements of dance or specific circus arts traditions, or guys from circus and dance picking up bits of parkour,or similarly the renaissance of techniques and principles from traditional martial arts being picked up by the smartest MMA fighters.

One of my favorite of this guys who straddle different movement disciplines is Aaron Hakala who has some of the most unique movements and best movement quality you will see.

Very very inspiring and well worth watching many times to grasp the bits you can start to emulate.

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