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EMP Podcast 105
LIVE Discussion with Strength Side feat. Josh & Trevor Hash | EMP Podcast 105
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LIVE Discussion with Strength Side feat. Josh & Trevor Hash | EMP Podcast 105


Episode Breakdown

The Embodied Movement Summit is going live January 24-28, and this Monday on the podcast we are joined by our good friends from Strength Side: Josh & Trevor Hash!

What’s extra exciting is that Josh & Trevor will also be the first new speakers for this year’s Embodied Movement Summit, offering the Movement Highlight for day one!

If you’d like to check out their exclusive presentation, or any of the other 30+ sessions we have lined up from top professionals in the fields of Movement, Mindfulness, Community and Nature Connection, hit the link to get signed up!

🎟 Get my FREE Ticket:

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Josh and Trevor run the Strength Side channel here on YouTube where they help hundreds of thousands of people build better lifestyles centered around strength and natural movement.

Their vision is deeply aligned with our work at Evolve Move Play. On top of putting together an exclusive session for this year’s EMS, last year they both were able to come out and take part in our Return to the Source retreat, so it’s been an absolute pleasure getting to know and work with Josh and Trevor.

During this chat, I plan on talking a bit about their experience at RTTS, their philosophy around mindful movement lifestyle, and what they have in store for the upcoming EMS. So if you enjoy the conversation, leave a like, comment, and subscribe if you haven’t yet.

If you want to get access to the Hash brother’s exclusive EMS session, as well as 30+ other presentations by some of the top minds in Movement, Mindfulness, Community & Nature connection, including…

John Vervaeke | “Why we need Movement and Mindfulness to Recover Lost Ways of Knowing and Solve the Meaning Crisis”

Kelly Starret | “Discover the Fundamental Tools for Management of Pain and Tissue Quality”

Nick Winkelman | “Understand the Power of Language in Coaching and Athletics”

Marlo Fisken | “Give Yourself Permission to Express and Serve Your Community Through Expression”

Sebastien Foucan | “Playfulness for Longevity & Vitality”

Joseph Frucek | “How Do You Practice Today If You Do Not Know What Tomorrow Brings?”

🎁 Click the link below to jump in or learn more!

Thanks! Hope to see you soon!


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