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The Body as Poetry with Jozef Frucek: EMP Podcast 28
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The Body as Poetry with Jozef Frucek: EMP Podcast 28

Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle shows that we can never precisely know both the position and motion of a particle, this fundamental reality implies that as we deepen our knowledge in one area we always uncover more uncertainty in other areas.

At the same time Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorems shows that any logical coherent model we create must rely on axioms unprovable from within that model.

This points to the fundamental reality captured in the Tao Te Ching that the formless is the mother of all things, that the named can never capture all that there is to capture. What is eternal is beyond what we can articulate.

Every human finds themselves in an ancient dance between order and chaos and while many of us may have natural inclinations towards one end or the other, there is an undeniable power in being able to harness the strengths of both.

Can we establish enough order and discipline to prepare ourselves for the rigors of survival while never losing the sense of awe and mystery that imbues our existence with moments of wonder and magic?

Can we find room in our minds and hearts for science and spirit, freedom and fealty, machination and mystery?

In today’s episode of the Evolve Move Play Podcast, we are talking with Jozef Frucek and much of our conversation will cover how this dance emerges not just in our movement practices, but also in our lives at large.

Throughout the course of our unfolding stories, can we stand deliberately in the face of chaos, even if it means we might fall, make mistakes, or be proven wrong?

Can we be steadfast in our discipline so that our efforts may benefit ourselves, our families, and our communities from now into the future? Is there a way to practice both sides of the coin in your daily life?

Join us in our conversation and feel free to leave your thoughts and questions in the comments section.

The Body as Poetry with Fighting Monkey’s Jozef Frucek: EMP Podcast 28

Jozef Frucek
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Thanks everyone, and happy moving!
-The EMP Team

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