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Movement Inspiration 1/11/2014 Lift
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Movement Inspiration 1/11/2014 Lift

Lifting is one of the most powerful base practices for any mover, simple big compound resistance exercises may not have the same capacity for flow and improvisation that parkour, gymnastics or dance offer. But few things support the success of of those other practices like lifting. Few things support our general physical health or have the same power to effect our physiology than taking a big hunk of iron and moving it through a wide range of motion.

In my most recent training cycle I upped my volume and intensity of lifting for the first time in quite awhile.
Front squats complexed with depth jumps, and Split squats complexed with standing triple jumps inspired by the Sparta performance science system.

After my rest week I tested my broad jump and despite testing at the end of a 2 hour session and still suffering from a lingering cold I jumped 9^10 inches a 1 inch PR but 4 inches farther then any test since January of last year.

Today’s training will include parkour, florieo work, handbalancing and some combat but it will also include some good old time with the iron, front squats and cleans in this case.

For those of you that do not lift or haven’t lifted lately make a commitment to getting it in regularly and you will be rewarded.
A great place to start is the goblet squat.

For those who make lifting a regular part of your program I challenge you to explore some less used variations stuff that offers more complexity.

For those that have some ability with the hand to hand drills they work well to add a playful engaging element to lifting work that helps tune the athlete in and prepare them for the heavier lifting.

Finally lets look at the peak of capacity in lifting the great Naim Suleymanoglu showing the incredible power and precision that can be developed with the Olypmpic lifts

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