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Movement inspiration 1/13/2014 Ground Flow
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Movement inspiration 1/13/2014 Ground Flow

In the Evolve Move Play method we start with quadrupedal and low to the ground movements. This type of training offers a wide variety of benefits. By exploring the movement patterns available to us with the one simple obstacle of the ground we minimize the amount of variables we have to worry about allowing us to explore the variety of bodies potential movement patterns with fewer distractions. This also  allows an early entry point into flow, improvisation and competition.

As bipeds our bodies are optimized for standing or walking as soon as we come down to all fours we increase muscular and metabolic demands and stress our breathing apparatus all of these make ground work a potent stimulus for general physical capacity.

Ground work also increases our options when we fall and toughens our bodies by exposing the whole body to contact instead of the just the feet and hands

There are a wide variety of systems that have large focus on ground work. Martial arts with large elements of ground work include, Brazilian Jujitsu, Systema, and capoeira, dance forms include B-boy, contemporary and modern dance, both Methode Naturelle and certain approaches to parkour also included a wide variety of ground movement.

For inspiration
Here is bit of some ground work from my last training.

Here is some interesting systema ground work

Moving up a notch check out ido portals Flo(a)w

And Lewie Wests Floorgasm

Your challenge today spend some time engaging with the floor and exploring what you can find there.

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