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Movement inspiration 1/9/14 get weird
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Movement inspiration 1/9/14 get weird

The greatest truths are often contained in paradoxes, in the synthesis between two anti-theses. We reach the peak of our mental capacity and our movement capacity when we can be in the state of mind of no mind. Mushin no shin.

Practice and play we see as opposites, like mind is the opposite of no mind but the deepest practice of movement embraces both. We practice our play and play with our practice.

Going back to the concept of deepening and widening. Most physical practice is limited because the reasons behind it are not explored. What is it you are trying to achieve, how do you plan to get there, why are you trying to achieve this? We need to deepen our understanding of what we are doing. When we have clear definitions, clear goals then you can build bridge to where you want to go. Trying to absorb everything at once is too much, if you try to become  a world class powerlifert and marathon runner at the same time you will fail both.

That said in this process of defining, of quantifying of winnowing out what is not useful. We run the risk of becoming to narrow, of using our definitions and our goals as protections for our ego’s so we do not have to be exposed through trying something new, through emptying our cup and becoming a beginner again.

One might say I do parkour my goal is efficient movement flipping is frivolous, I don’t have to learn that infact I am superior for not learning that. You could say I am interested in self defense fighting off your back is not safe jujitsu is not useful I don’t need to learn that.

When we enter this mindset of dismissal, we are not allowing play to move through us and we are missing the chance to expand ourselves. We need to find the balance between staying true to our goals and the basics that get us there and being always open to learning new things “absorbing new movement material”*

Much that I once thought was frivolous when explored deeper offers beautiful potential, connections and creativity

Here is great video showcasing movement that is neither simple linear “efficient” parkour, or the big an aesthetic show parkour/freeruning but shows a very unique and creative vision. A style which clear developed from the willingness to try weird and complex challenges.

So that is my challenge for you today do something that seems weird, off the beaten path of movements you do. Find a connection that you might not have seen before.

*Quote orginally from Ido portal

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