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Movement Inspiration 3/10/14 lift heavy and jump
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Movement Inspiration 3/10/14 lift heavy and jump

Simple post today we haven’t touched on heavy lifting recently if you haven’t been doing any do some.

In addition if your not familar I wanted to point out the landing continuum concept developed by my friends at apex movement. The idea of movement continuums is powerful concept that is major part of the Evolve Move Play method, look for more continuum ideas in the future.

For optimal skill development of both start by working the landing continuum then finish with the heavy lifts with full rests.

If you have good form and capacity in both you can exploring chaining the movements together and the ability to recover quickly from heavy lift and then execute a variety of jump or vice versa.

Inspiration for mixing your efforts from John Edourd Ehlinger of liveAdept

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