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Movement inspiration 3/10/14 swing flow and flip
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Movement inspiration 3/10/14 swing flow and flip

We have talked about different ways to approach developing flow, we have touched on the importance of swinging movements and on the value of acrobatic development today I want to challenge you to build some routes incorporating all three elements.

Your inspiration is this amazing video from Konstanin Kachurin which is still one of the most uniquely fluid and stylish parkour videos ever.

Here are three, three movement phrases you can try depending on your level.

Swing from a bar/tree limb, land and roll, and step vault or do a rolle on the ground

Swing to a precision, dive roll off, and reverse vault out

Swing from one bar to another catch and flyway, land and roll, vault of your choice.

Once you feel comfortable with a three movement phrase add variations, expand it or shuffle it up. Practice moving in between the different connections improvisationally letting one movement lead you into the next without a preset plan just a set of movements to play with.

Another phrase for instance using these elements I have done recently, vertical trunk swing around, precision landing, flyaway, roll, turn, roll to shoulders, kip up out, jump and swing to precision.

The variations are endless go explore some of them

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