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Movement Inspiration 4/11/14 Honoring the Art by Jason C. Brown
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Movement Inspiration 4/11/14 Honoring the Art by Jason C. Brown

ANother guest post today this time from Jason C. Brown of kettlebell athletics and the strength garden.

“Honoring the Art…Honor the Martial

Last fall while Rafe was in town leading his Evolve Move Play seminar we talked much about human movement and the 3 broad categories of movement, namely locomotive, manipulative and combative(Editors notes this was before I expanded combatives to interactives), some old school physical education text use non-manipulative for the combative branch.

However, as I talk with other movement artist such as tracuers I always come to the conclusion that the combatives aspect is usually an after-thought. Something to consider but not really practice, something not really beautiful or artistic but rather crude, gross and unrefined.

It may have to do with the use of the word “combative” itself. And I understand, combat is an ugly thing and who would willingly want to participate in something that sounds like combat or war?

But I’d like you now to consider another…very common term, martial arts.

And I’d like to separate that term for a moment…martial + art. It’s completely possible to honor that art aspect as much as the martial…maybe even more so.

If we approach our ‘combative” training as art form we can move deeper into it’s beauty and appreciate it’s aesthetic appeal and it’s ability to promote beautiful movement and beautiful bodies. ”

Your challenge today explore the art side of combatives martial arts training.

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